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Follow our guide:

1- The bust is measured from the tip of the breasts all the way around following a line parallel to the floor.

2- The waist is measured at the thinnest point, usually at the level of the navel or slightly (1-2cm) above the navel.

3- Hips are measured by taking the circumference at the fullest point of your hips and buttocks.

4- Maximum length for skirts: measure from the waist to the calves. For a classic short length, the measurement stops above the front knee with 2-3 cm. For a midi length, from the waist to the knee, the measurement stops in the middle of the leg according to your desire.

5 - Length of a dress: take the measurement from the neck and follow the body through the chest to the knees. For a classic length, the measurement stops above the front knee with 3-4 cm. For a midi length, take the measurement from the neckline and follow the body to the knees, then stop your measurement at the middle of the leg, where you want it;

6- Total length of the pants: On the side of the body, measure from the waist to the calf.

Comment prendre les mesures du corps- Emdoria Paris

Basic Measurement Chart - EMDORIA

Here are our Basic Measurements: Measurement chart for stretch and elastic garments.

Body , T-shirts, Jersey dress , Top and Blouses in stretch fabric , Pullovers, Sweatshirt

Tableau de mesures pour les produits stretch et tops Emdoria Paris

 If your measurements do not match take the larger size. Our measurements are close to these basic measurements.

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