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A lifelong passion for fashion and design

Since childhood, Robert has been immersed in fashion through the artistic world and the circus, thanks to his father.
Today, he has realized his biggest dream: to create his own brand. He is a passionate French fashion designer who is dedicated to dressing women with elegance and sophistication.
With an eye for detail and a deep love for high quality materials, Robert has built a brand that represents beauty, grace and individuality.
After working for 17 years in Paris for various haute couture and ready-to-wear brands, he decided to embark on the adventure of creating his own brand in 2016. With more than 30 years of study and professional experience, he was able to develop his own style, reflecting a new fashion history.

The EMDORIA Paris brand

EMDORIA represents the modern and free woman, who lives with her time. The name of the brand is formed by the convergence of the word "adore" with the initials of the first names of his two children. This is Robert's vision for fashion, which combines love of life and adoration for the creative craft that is fashion.
It is a brand that was founded by a passionate designer with a unique vision of fashion. He draws inspiration from the past, present and future to create clothes for the modern and free woman, with an eco-responsible and ethical approach.

His fashion, his style, his approach: An eco-responsible and ethical approach

Robert has chosen to manage his productions in Paris and in his workshop in the Paris region, while respecting local production. He takes care of every detail before each piece leaves the workshop, to guarantee the quality of his clothes. Every month, it offers new models, handbags and unique pieces in limited editions and reduced series with upcycled materials.

His vision: A modern and daring vision of fashion

Robert offers a vision of fashion where you can wear what you want without constraint, but with a personal style and without codes, but with elegance. It is inspired by elements of the past and the values of the world of today and tomorrow, to create a style for the free, active, independent woman who lives in harmony with her own values.


The Inspiration is found in  surroundings, travel and  his everyday life.

His inspiration comes from everything that makes him happy and touches him, whether it's nature, travel, beautiful encounters, music or the little details of his daily life. His style is an invitation to discover her creations, which are the expression of an unlimited passion for fashion and design.


Emdoria's Values

With EMDORIA, Robert highlights his values of eco-responsibility, ethics and creative freedom.
It is a brand that carries the dream of its creator to make each woman a unique, elegant and free person, in harmony with her creator.
A mixture of audacity, elegance and personal style, EMDORIA creations simply invite you to a life without constraint, but with an omnipresent personal expression.
In the spirit of this modern vision of fashion, discover the harmony of its values through the collections that are now waiting for you with love.

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